Okay, so thanks to some requests, I have decided to let you in on the dream cast I had in my head when I was writing Arrangement and Marquess…and the books that come after. We’ll start with the main people in Marquess, and see where we end up.

I see things in my head like a movie when I’m working, so it really helped to find people that looked like what I imagined my characters to. Then I could see them move and watch their facial expressions, and all that kinds of fun stuff. I know full well that this would never actually work for a movie cast, but that’s why it’s my dream cast, right? Right.

I don’t mean to destroy any images you have in your head of these characters, so please don’t take this as gospel. This was just where my head was [and is!] as I worked on this. You don’t have to agree with me. In fact, if you have other actors in mind, please comment and let me know!

It should be noted right here and now that I do not own any of the photos you will see posted here, and none of the rights to them.

So. Here we go.

As the charming and witty Derek Chambers…


Peter Facinelli

As his tyrannical and terrifying wife, Katherine….


Dagmara Dominczyk

As the imposing and demanding Duke of Ashcombe…


Sean Connery

As the well meaning and proper Duchess of Ashcombe…


Helen Mirren

As Derek’s stubborn and warm hearted sister, Diana, Lady Beckham…


Rachel Weisz

As Derek’s charming and troublemaking brother David…


Adam Levine

So that wraps up the Chambers family. But I think you want more, right? I’d want more. So here you go.

As the fiery and impudent Moira, Countess of Beverton…


Bryce Dallas Howard

As the kind and gentlemanly Nathan, Earl of Beverton…


Hugh Jackman

As the almost proper and close to perfect Geoffrey Harris…


Rupert Penry-Jones

As the large bodied and larger hearted Duncan Bray…


Gerard Butler

And finally last, but not least, as the plucky comic relief, Colin Gerrard…

1035x1494-hiddleston-0701Tom Hiddleston

So there you go! Hope you enjoyed this fun little casting session! Look for more to come with future books!


Dream Cast
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  • February 28, 2016 at 5:44 pm

    Loved your books, Marquess Release and An Arrangement of Sorts. I am ordering Royal Delivery this afternoon. Your books are a delight to read and such a wonderful breath of fresh air on the market now. I can’t wait to read the next release. Please quit your day job and devote full time to writing books.


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