A few months ago, my friend and fellow author Sariah Wilson announced that her series, the Royals of Monterra, had been selected to be part of Kindle Worlds, Amazon’s fan fiction platform. This was a HUGE opportunity for her, and I was so excited for her. Then she said that in order to launch the series there, she needed authors to write a fan fiction novella so that the launch would already have stories ready for people to purchase. Having loved the first book, Royal Date, I jumped at the chance and quite literally begged her, as a fan/friend, to let me write one.

Thankfully, she did.

Look at this gorgeous cover!!! Wouldn’t you want to read this just by looking at it?

Sariah is awesome, and she offered to let me read the second book, Royal Chase, which she was STILL EDITING so that I could get a better feel for what was going to happen and make my novella that more informed and improved.

Does this not KILL you? I was absolutely dying the whole book.

Loving book 2 as much as I loved book 1, I was set, and started figuring out what story I wanted to tell. This was a new challenge for me, working with someone else’s characters and trying to insert myself into the world Sariah had created without messing anything up. But what fangirl doesn’t want to take a story she loves and make it go the way she wants? It was a riot and I loved every minute of it.

The biggest challenge, though, was trying to write this while I was working on my own stuff. I wanted to do both justice, and my personal timeline was getting a bit strangled between the two AND my job AND the rest of my life. But both got done, and I think both are lovely. But I am pretty biased, so I’ll let you decide that.

Without spoiling anything major [because you REALLY need to read this series], I decided to focus my story on pregnancy. Why? Because that’s something that I found, in reading Royal Date, that was a natural progression of the characters’ arcs. This provided a major challenge for me, since 1) I am a single woman  and 2) I have never been pregnant. But I knew that this was the story I wanted to tell, and I knew that I wanted to make this very relatable.

So I did what any respectable author in need of information does. I went to the internet. I feel like I need to give Pinterest some of the royalties from this book, since I used it so much. But I also took to Facebook and asked for stories from as many of my Mommy friends I could get. They delivered [heh] in many ways. So many stories and hilarious moments, and I took careful notes on them all. I interviewed family members and friends about the specifics of their pregnancies and delivery experiences, and took myself off to various media sources for more info than I ever thought I would need before actually being pregnant myself.

The result is, I hope, something hilarious in a completely relatable way. Everything you will see in the book relating to pregnancy and delivery comes from actual stories from my sources, I made none of it up. And that makes it way more fun.

And for those of us who are not pregnant, there’s plenty of swoon-worthy lovey-dovey stuff to make us happy. So there.

Royal Delivery
My cover artist is SO GOOD. Oh, this makes me sigh and swoon, and I want it.

We are having a Facebook launch party with the other authors involved in this project when everything goes live on January 21, and I hope you will all join us for it. There are so many talented authors involved in this, and I love being able to help promote Sariah’s incredible series! Hope you guys will check it out and love it as much as I do. Then you can come and read my addition and see if my work does what it is supposed to — get Sariah more fans and friends! Monterra forever!

To check out Royal Date by Sariah Wilson, click here.

To check out the next book, Royal Chase, which comes out on January 26, click here.

And when my own little Royal Delivery is available, I will allow you to click here to see that one as well!


Royal Delivery
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  • April 23, 2017 at 10:14 am

    What is the order of the series including novellas?


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