Hi friends!

I am so sorry I have been so super absent lately. It’s nothing personal, I promise! The truth of the matter is… I moved.


It was random, it was fast, and it was actually kind of epic, but that’s another story. I got a new job opportunity, and I just HAD to take it. I moved from the lovely land of Ohio to the beautiful–and surprisingly warm these days–Minnesota! I knew absolutely nothing about Minnesota except what I’d heard from roommates in grad school, and something about hockey, and something about lots of snow.

I still don’t know very much, but I’m here! And my place is perfectly set up! Um…except for the couch, but that’s coming this weekend.

The best part of this place? I have a designated writing space. WHAAAAAT? I know. It’s awesome. I’m calling it The Cove.

Why? Because a cove sounds like a lovely place, and there is this perfect spot in my place for my new writing desk and all of my research and my story boards and inspiration stuff… It’s perfect. So it’s The Cove. I may wind up doing something with that name on this website later, maybe a special section of the website called The Cove.

But what should be in that part of the website? Shout out some ideas, I’m really curious.

I PROMISE to be more involved on here now that I’m settled. Promise promise.

I don’t have any real news for you right now, but does it help that news is brewing? Because it totally is.

Until next time, buh-bye from Minnesota!


Apology and Update
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