Let’s talk music.

Every writer has their little quirks, and I have mine. I know I’ve talked about some songs that inspired scenes, but did you know that I put together full soundtracks for my books? Every book that I have written has a soundtrack, or had one at one point. Even some works in progress have songs in their notes if I have found something that reflects a scene the way I want.

When I’m just writing and haven’t yet plotted a musical course, I listen to a playlist of soundtracks and instrumental tracks. For some reason, that helps me to focus and to write with more feeling.

Have you ever really listened to a movie’s soundtrack? It’s absolutely amazing what a song can do for a scene. It can get your pulse racing along with the action, make everything so intense and exciting, and drive the story to its epic conclusion. It can wring tears from your eyes at the death of a beloved character (Little Women, anyone??? That gets me EVERY TIME!). It can make the love scene for a couple exciting and passionate or sweet and heart wrenching.

Soundtracks are magical things. I think it’s only right that the stories I create should have them too.

I’m not a musical genius, I can’t write a soundtrack, though I wish I could. So I find existing soundtracks or songs and assemble them into a playlist.

Did you know that you can find some truly stunning instrumental versions of some of your favorite songs if you look hard enough? It’s my new favorite thing. Then I can have a recurring theme in my playlists based on the “over the credits” song or any song that I find sums things up pretty well!

Now if only I could find someone who would make instrumental arrangements of any song I needed at my request… Then I would be all set!

Check out the soundtracks page on this website and see what you think. It will get updated as I release more books, but it’s just a taste of some of the madness that goes on in my process.

What are your favorite soundtracks? Any songs you think would be perfect for a scene? Let me know!


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