I don’t know how many authors work, but for me, I get the most random bursts of inspiration from the most random things.

You already know I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from music and songs, and that’s not going to stop anytime soon, I can promise you that. New songs, new ideas. I’ll just keep coming up with more and more, and I’ll never run out of ideas!

But did you know I also get inspiration from places? It’s true! A few years ago, I was in an absolutely gorgeous part of the country enjoying incredible weather and sights, and BOOM! A story idea hit. It was completely different from anything I’ve ever done, but it came in fully formed, attractive leading man and all. I wrote everything down during the trip and the place became a character as much as my actual characters did.

My very first novel I ever finished, though, came from my own life. Well, a highly fictionalized, Regency set, combination of several things version of situations in my life that I twisted around to make suit the story… But you get the idea!

I’ve also gotten ideas from movie lines, TV commercials, Pinterest pins, jokes someone made on a Facebook post…

For the overactive imagination, the world is full of inspiration, and you just need to be open to receive it.

That was a good line! I should write that one down for future reference…

My friends always laugh when I start a text with “I’m having a thought” or “Idea.” Most of the time, the response is “Oh no” or “Again?”

Because one idea triggers another idea, and another, and another…and pretty soon I have another series lined up, and given my lineup, it could be five years before I get to it. But I don’t care! I love all my ideas!

I’m overloaded with ideas, all because inspiration is everywhere!

Find inspiration in your own life and see what happens!


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