Hey all!

I’ve been crazy absent in 2017. Well really, since I got back from VCC. Sorry about that… I got really caught up in the holiday season and getting things done, and picking up/finishing projects, and…

Well, there was a lot.

And this year is going to be CRA-A-A-ZY. So many fun things planned! One of them is already out: my new Royals of Monterra novella, Royal Rivals. I’m pretty fond of it. It’s a fun ride! Go ahead and buy it and read it. I’ll wait.

Just kidding.

The next project comes out TOMORROW! It’s from the Regency Timeless Collection (still can’t believe they asked me to join in!) and it’s called A Season In London. There are 3 novellas in one book, written by the fabulous Heather B. Moore, the crazy talented Elizabeth Johns, and me. All of the stories are different, but fall under the same topic of A Season In London. SO EXCITED for this! To join us in our release event, check out the Facebook page. It’s going to be AMAZING.

Okay, enough of that. I know what you’re all really wondering. When is Colin’s book coming out?


Colin’s book, The Burdens of a Bachelor, is actually in with the publishing team right now for edits and formatting and the whole bit. It takes a couple of months, but it’s slated for a release in early April, and so far we are right on track! Keep looking out for it!

So here’s my question. It’s a new year, and I want to do some good stuff to keep you all entertained. So tell me what you want! More blog posts? More fun stuff on Facebook? Pictures on Instagram? Tweets? Random behind the scenes stuff? Tell me what you want and we’ll see what we can make happen!

Alrighty, peeps, gotta go! Day job is calling, and I need to make the money to pay the bolls. Have a great Monday!

New Year, New Stuff
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  • January 28, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    You asked what I’d like? I’d love to see book trailers with real people in them (almost like little movie clips) like I’ve seen some other authors do for their books. That way it would give more of a seance of which these characters are.


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