An Arrangement of Sorts


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He was intrigued…

Nathaniel Hammond, Earl of Beverton, is working to restore his new estate and aid his tenants. But everything changes when he meets the beautiful and mysterious Moira Dennison, a bold young woman who offers to hire him, unaware of his title, to help her find her fiancé. Curious and unable to resist, Nathan accepts her offer, keeping his true identity a secret, never dreaming of what the future held for him.

She was desperate…

Moira is set on finding Charles now that she has come into her inheritance. With her newfound wealth and independence, she is determined to locate her betrothed so they may finally marry. With Nathan as her guide, she feels confident in the path before her. But when their arrangement forces them closer together, she finds her chosen path may not be as clear as she thought.

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Nathan could not have expected any of this, not for a man of his nature and expectations. But he realized now that, secretly, he had been lonely for a long time. He was tired of the days and nights alone. He had spent a good portion of his adult life wondering about love, and now he had found it, but couldn’t have it. The irony made him ache in places he did not know existed.

He had shared more of himself with her than he had with anyone. She knew him better than any other person ever had. How could he give her up when all of this was over? For what had to be the thousandth time, he cursed her betrothed. And yet, had the man not been foolish enough to leave her, then their own paths would never have crossed. He would never have met her, never known the sweet fulfillment that she brought to his once lifeless heart.

He could not let her go.

Unless he knew she would be happy. Only then might it be possible for him to do so. Even then, it would hurt like hell, and he knew it.

But tonight, she was here. He would never ask her to betray her betrothed, but tonight he needed her near him.

“Stay with me tonight.”