His lawfully dreaded wife…
When disaster strikes, Marianne Bray finds herself in quite a mess, and the most important things in the world are at stake: her family name and her reputation. Desperation leads to a solution she cannot bear, but she has no choice. She must bind herself to a man who can protect her, save her, and, more importantly, tolerate her. Unfortunately for her, that man is Kit Gerrard.
Her awfully wedded husband…
Kit knew he ought to have left Marianne to her fate, which was no more than she deserved, but he’d always had a weakness where she was concerned, so there was no alternative but to save her and sacrifice himself in the process. With his heart at risk, he takes her, swearing to harden himself against the one woman he’s always wanted, and prays it will be enough. But before long, he realizes he may be the one in need of saving.

Read an Exerpt!

“Not even married yet, and already you look ill.”

He almost groaned aloud. She was here.

He slowly sat back and gave her a bland look, pretending his heart didn’t lurch at the sight of her in a pale muslin, her hair curled and pinned and strewn with small flowers, and a simplified veil draped down the back of her bonnet.

She was a beautiful bride.

His stomach clenched in distress.

She folded her arms and raised a brow at him. “What?”

He shrugged one shoulder. “I am simply looking at my bride, is that so wrong?”

She snorted and moved further into the vestibule, leaning againstthe wall, looking stubborn and irritated. “Don’t say that as if it means something.”

Ah, so this would be how it was going to go. Excellent. He could fight just as well.