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Falling for a Duke — November 2017

I was invited again to participate in a Timeless Regency Collection, and I am so excited about it!

You’ve all been asking for the story of Lord David Chambers, brother of Derek, Marquess of Whitlock, and now you’ve got it! What happened when he was sent to Scotland to see to his father’s affairs?

Find out in my novella, On the Duke’s Errand!


A Bride Worth Taking — July 2017

You may have some questions about one Kit Gerrard after reading The Dangers of Doing Good and The Burdens of a Bachelor. Well, Kit has a story, to be sure, and it’s about to be told.

Secrets, passion, betrayal, fury, guilt, curiosity… So many emotions, so few pages.

Look for more news before its release in July!




Now Available for Purchase!

The Burdens of a Bachelor

You’ve been dying for Colin’s story, right? What sort of romance could the charming, hilarious, utterly attractive Colin Gerrard have for himself?

Well, you don’t have to wait long to find out! And it turns out that Colin Gerrard has been keeping secrets from everyone, including his friends, so this story has twists, turns, surprises, swoons, heartache, hilarity, and a whole lot of fun.

Check it out here!

An Arrangement of Sorts audiobook

You can now enjoy the mad adventures and romance of Nathan and Moira in audiobook form!

Get the audiobook here!



a-season-in-london-internetA Season in London (Timeless Regency Collection)

I am SO EXCITED to announce this one! It’s a collection of 3 BRAND NEW Regency Romance novellas, written by the fabulous Elizabeth Johns and Heather B. Moore, and they let me have one too! More and more details will be coming out about this as we get closer, and I can’t tell you what the other two novellas are, but I’ll leave you with this teaser for mine: what if you didn’t WANT your season in London? What would you do?

Check it out here!