Married to the Marquess cover


To hate and to scold…

Derek Chambers, Marquess of Whitlock, has a problem: his wife. She is the single most horrifying aspect of his life, and the only thing he has ever enjoyed about her are their truly spectacular fights. As such, he prefers having as little to do with her as possible. So when she unexpectedly summons him to London, he surprises himself by going, and finds his life turned upside down in ways he never thought possible.

To loathe and to perish…

Katherine despises her worthless and irritating husband, and nothing bothers her more than the fact that he actually came to London when she sent for him. Worst of all, now that he has come, she needs him to stay. With her. And with his every smile making her heart race, she begins to wonder if there could be more to him than meets the eye.

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“Have I ever kissed you, Kate?” he whispered, unable to find any strength for his voice.

She finally took in a shaky breath, and he felt it down to his toes. “Yes.”

“When?” he asked, still stroking her cheek, his thumb tantalizingly close to her bottom lip.

“On… on our wedding day.”

“But never since,” he murmured, his eyes now following his fingers.

“No,” she breathed, her eyes fluttering a bit at his touch.

“I should have kissed you more,” he said, finally touching her bottom lip with his thumb. “I should have kissed you every day.”

She trembled and shuddered a gasp. “Why-why didn’t you?”

“I don’t know,” he admitted in the barest hint of a whisper. Then, before his brain could catch up with him, he closed the distance between them and softly pressed his lips to hers.