ON THE DUKE’S ERRAND by Rebecca Connolly. Lord David Chambers has one goal—to put his father’s Scotland estate to rights. Even if it means leaving in the middle of the London Season and avoiding the matchmakers. As the second son of a duke, David looks forward to facing the wilds of Scotland, and trying to make something of himself and prove his worth to his father. But David’s not prepared for the censure he receives from the local Scottish gentry, especially Ceana Shaw, the baronet’s daughter who not only mistakes him for the duke himself, she seems determined to think the worst of David.

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Ceana couldn’t help it; she laughed merrily at his response, tossing her head back. She could appreciate a fine show of wit and humor, and while she knew the duke was a man of irony and in possession of a quick tongue, she had hardly expected this. He was lively and playful, without artifice or airs, and he the wealthiest and most influential of any in the region.
It surprised her beyond measure, almost as much as the sudden loss of her indignation.
“What a sound, Ceana Shaw,” David mused from beside her. “Are the Highlands always so musical or is that magic entirely of your making?”
Ceana looked at him in outright bewilderment, smiling still. “Are you always such a terrible flirt?”
“Terrible?” he protested hotly. “I have it on good authority that I am a most accomplished flirt!”
“And with whom have you flirted, Your Grace?” she asked him, keeping her tone light, as his had been.
David suddenly smiled knowingly. “Jealous, Ceana Shaw? And we barely know each other . . .”
Startled at the suggestion, she shook her head and exhaled sharply. “Merely curious as to what sort of women are dense enough to believe a single word you say.”
“I wouldn’t know,” he replied in the smoothest voice she had ever heard. “I’m told it’s impolite to discuss a woman’s density.”