…Then comes marriage…

Kat Fiorelli is the queen of Monterra. That was weird, but that’s what you get for marrying the Crown Prince, and when his parents abdicate… Voila! You find yourself on the throne. But with Nico at her side, and running most of the show, she could handle it. Now, if their plans for starting a family would kick into gear, she would be much happier with things. But wishing for things tends to get people into to trouble, and Kat is no exception.

…Then comes baby in a baby carriage!

Pregnancy is no joke, and with it comes all sorts of adventures. Being a pregnant Royal is even worse, since literally everyone is watching. With the pressure of being on the throne, and her impending motherhood, Kat’s fears come to life. Could she meet the world’s expectations, and her own? Would she actually be able to handle this pregnancy on top of everything else? And the most important question of all…would her cravings ever go away?

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“I think we had better tell my family, love. And your staff. At the very least, Giacomo should know.”

I swallowed with difficulty, my mouth feeling like cotton. “It’s been a full week of me being tired and clammy and throwing up at the drop of a hat. I’m surprised they don’t already…”

“Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln, you’re knocked up!” Lemon exclaimed as she suddenly appeared in the doorway, feet skidding on the tile.

“…know,” I finished lamely.

Nico winced a little and smiled up at her. “Surprise?”

Lemon narrowed her eyes at him, then took in our positions. Despite the massive bathroom, we were huddled together just around the toilet, and me practically hugging it like it was my husband instead of the gorgeous King of Monterra there on the floor with me.

“Oh, sugar,” Lemon said with a click of her tongue.

I glared up at her. “Why aren’t you doing this?”

Lemon tossed her blond hair with a sniff. “Me and the commode have an understanding. I visit him once in a while so he doesn’t get lonely, and he lets me wonder if I need to visit him the rest of the time. Now, let’s get you cleaned up so you can go and tell the family, then we’ll get you into bed with some crackers and ginger ale.”