When all else fails…

Lady Claire Sutherland is not exactly on anybody’s favorite person list, and she knows it well. After her disaster with the Monterran Royal Family, she’s found herself without any other friends and absolutely nothing to do. Desperate to change her situation and regain what she has lost, she attends a house party in Tuscany, though she doubts it will improve anything.

…could his kiss be just what she needs?

When Claire discovers that Salvatore, the duca di Brista, notorious playboy and friend of the Fiorelli family, is also a guest, she knows the party is doomed to fail for her. Salvatore has never liked Claire, and the feeling is mutual. But when the guests are required to kiss someone the first night, and they find themselves in each other’s arms, everything begins to shift Claire’s world in a way she could never have expected.

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“At the stroke of midnight, which our friend Claude here will indicate with this sound.” He paused while the DJ played a classic gonging sound that reminded me of Big Ben. “And when he does, you all get to share your most magical, most wildly imagined first kiss with a PERFECT STRANGER.”

There was a gasp that lit the room as nearly everyone turned to look at each other in surprise.

My jaw dropped and I stared up at the stage in horror.

I glanced over at Salvatore, who looked moderately unruffled, though his brows were raised.

“If you know everybody in the room,” Antonio slurred loudly into the microphone, “then kiss whoever you want! But make it good! And if you don’t participate, you will find yourself escorted out of the house and out of the party for the whole week!”

Another cry went up and I swore under my breath, turning to put my glass down. There was no way I could go home early from this, the entire family knew I was here, I had made a point of informing them all of that. They were starting to suspect that I had “fallen out of favor” with some of our more influential friends, and I couldn’t tell them the truth.

So I had to kiss someone.

But there was no way I was going to kiss a stranger.

Which left Salvatore.

He was looking at me with a bemused smile, obviously enjoying my discomfiture. “Well, Lady Claire,” he asked slyly, “who are you going to kiss?”

I cleared my throat and straightened up as tall as I could in my five-inch stilettos. “You.”