Secrets of a Spinster


Behind every little secret…

Mary Hamilton has had enough of being passed over by all of the eligible men in London, though she’s had years and years of practice, and she’s ready to give it up. But before she hangs up her dancing shoes for good, she wants one season of everything she’s never had—invitations, flirtation, and suitors. But will all of that actually give her what she’s always secretly wanted?

…there’s another secret waiting…

Geoffrey Harris is more than happy to spend his time being permanent escort to Mary during her final season in London. After all, she’s been his best friend for years, and what better way to send her off than in grand style? But when her plan actually starts to work, he isn’t so sure he wants any part of it. Leaving him to wonder what it is he does want. Or who.

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“I merely demonstrate the facts. And now that we have a moment, Miss Hamilton,” he said, lowering his voice, “might I tell you how becoming your new gown is?”

She glanced up at him in surprise. “What?”

He continued to look at her, staring into her eyes. “I found your tiny waist very impressive myself not so long ago. In this gown you put every man’s deepest desires in the most innocent and elegant form of display. Who would know that such a figure lay hidden in you?”

Her lips parted in surprise, and he could hear the breath racing past her lips. “You shouldn’t say such things,” she whispered, her lips barely moving.

“Why not?” he asked in a low, rumbling tone as he spun her once more. “Surely a brother can.”

Mary’s eyes dropped to his cravat, and she swallowed with difficulty. “You are no brother,” she murmured, her voice almost lost against the musicians’ finale.

“No,” he replied darkly, his breath seizing when her gaze rose to his again. “No, thank God, I am not.”