The road to love…

Life had never been particularly kind to Annie Ramsey. She was poor, uneducated, and without any prospects except misery and pain at the hands of her brother, or whomever he decides she ought to marry. But when a handsome, kind stranger offers her another way, she must decide if she is brave enough to change her situation. Or if she dares to hope for more.

…is paved with good intentions.

Duncan Bray could not resist the urge to help the young woman he found in the wintery chill of Yorkshire, feeling driven to save her from the dismal life she lived. Taking her to London and introducing her to a new life there would provide opportunities for her beyond what she ever could have imagined. But he never dreamed how this particular good deed would change everything for him as well.

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Kate began to play and Duncan nearly groaned again. This was one of the few dances that would force him to be in close proximity with Annalise for periods of time, as it was neither light-hearted nor short. He and Moira bowed to their respective partners, who curtseyed in return. Then he took Annalise by the hand and proceeded to hold his breath.
For the first few motions, everything was fine. She did not look at him and he did not look at her… much. She was graceful and light, and there was an ease in the dance with her, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. He was not a dancer by nature, being far too taciturn and too large to be a desirable partner. But he could become quite attached to dancing if this was the result of it.
Then he spun around Moira and rejoined his hands with Annalise. She brought her eyes up to meet his and it was as if fire raced through her fingertips and coursed directly into his heart. Her eyes widened, but she continued expertly through the motions of the dance. Her hold on his hand tightened, and he felt his skin burn beneath it.
So this was why polite company wore gloves when dancing.